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best show ever, I was mesmerized last night. I want to see it again!


Thoroughly enjoyed the journey… tugs at your heart. So wonderful to meet the whole cast, thank you Christina for being so kind and welcoming.


You really did a fantastic job with this show, so enjoyed everyone and the vibe of this theme. Beautiful music and people, and what a moon to see after leaving the theater! Best of luck to you and the hardworking entourage..


Saw the show in San Diego and loved it. My favorite part was the cowboy poetry.


My favorite part is the recap of history through narration & music. It was amazing. So much talent on that stage. LOVED it!!


This is a wonderful musical review. Go to their website to check out the schedule. I enjoyed it completely!!!


This show is far outside the box. Christina is a visionary with Butch as a great support person with his wisdom of the ages as well with you. I think this anthology of a story could become even greater through time and who knows where it will take you all Proceed without caution my friends.


The Romancing the West Gang are super peeps!! They work SO hard and travel long hours to bring joy to people.


You (Byron) along with all the musicians and singers are amazing. Romancing the West was great.


Thanks for stopping by Fresno. You all are Awesome!


What an amazing show! It was a very moving experience for all who were in attendance.


Went to the show last night here in Eureka, … the show was fantastic!!!! They gave 150 percent, the most amazing musicians pouring their hearts out it was unbelievable! Can’t wait to see them in San Diego we are going to go April 23rd in Old Town, come with us, you won’t regret it.


I want to thank all of the wonderful artists who did the Romancing The West show in Portland on Wednesday evening. I went to the event specifically to see Melanie who I had seen years before. I was not aware of the other artists until now and I can only say “Bravo!” What an amazing bunch of talented people! It would be so good to see this show on PBS or another outlet…outstanding!  Good luck with your tour, I will remember it always.


What a great show! So much incredible talent on stage at one time. I loved it!


Absolutely wonderful, heart touching performances…what a crew!!!


Great show last night in Pendleton/OR … I have to say, that “Romancing the West” is a brilliant concept show, courtesy of the wonderful Christina Duane, and executed by her and a bunch of international stellar musicians and singers … if you have a chance, catch one of the remaining 11 shows and see for yourself … for more info, dates and locations just log on to “www.romancingthewest.org“!!!


Awesome show last night in Portlandia!!!


Performers Thoughts…

Amen. It was a great adventure and just the beginning of an ongoing
musical oddessy with a summer and Autumn tour a.d Christmas show!


everyone. I really loved this experience. I had an easy part in it
compared to everyone else, but I truly love the message of this show,
that we are ALL Americans and United we’ll stand, divided we’ll fall. I
think the show has GREAT potential a
that it is SO needed! The musician’s on this tour are so talented and
hard working. The characters are literally priceless… This experience
could easily be made into an amazing movie!


Very cool “Romancing the West” show last night in San Juan Capistrano, we had a packed house with a very enthusiastic and appreciative audience, and everything worked out just fine … and that’s the way I like it, a-ha a-ha !!!
One more show to go, tonight at the “Autry National Center” in L.A., it’s supposed to be a beautiful place … and they sold a bunch of tickets as well – I’m definitely looking forward to it !!!


…it’s extremely cool … and the musicianship level of everybody is really, I mean really high (trust me, especially since it comes from me, “Mr. Perfectionism”, haha :)) … but the best thing is, we’re all on the same team, and that’s what I like the most !!! It’s just great fun playing with these guys … and the 2 people responsible for everything, Christina Martin and Butch Martin, they are simply the bomb – I love them !!!


It has been an honor and fun as hell to be at a new historical theater every night with ‘Romancing the West’. A musical 240-year decade-by-decade history of the American West, for which we can thank the vision of Christina Martin and moxie of E.P. Butch Martin, it’s brought to life by a dizzying collection of talent, songs and video vignettes. Totally unique and one-of-a-kind…better not miss it!


Great night in Fresno. What a wonderful theater and ALL were in peak form tonight. So proud of the show and the people in it.


I know, I feel like I have 16 more siblings now and I can’t wait for Christmas Day for a family gathering!!!


I’m in Fresno today touring as rhythm guitarist for Romancing the West, show #11 of 17. Beautiful theatre here!


Nick Garrett-Powell, “rhythm guitarist”…what a misallocation of world-class talent.


True, but you have the title of Lead Guitar and Nick would be the last person to resent that.


The best guitar moment in the show is Byron and Nick doing their leads back and forth!!!


We’ve been getting some great reviews so far :)! Tonight the show is coming to Redding, CA, where I will see AMANDAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! my beautiful daughter!


Yeah!!!!  Another standing ovation last night with a full house!



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